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It’s Easy Peasy

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There are a number of different paper options that allow you to get the look your after. These range from a basic card stock to the extravagant. Should your invitations shine? Then you might want to try the metallic paper. Want a classy look without breaking the bank? Then you might be interested in the hand-made* qualities of laid, a luxury paper type. *The paper is produced in such a way that it carries the watermark and matte look of hand crafted paper of old. There are many styles of paper to choose from and they fit easily into most budgets.

On top of the many different paper types, you can also choose different invitations styles. Tired of the standard rectangular prints with sharp corners? Then opt to have your invitation printed on cards with rounded corners.

If you’re celebrating a larger shower then you’re in a position to save. When you order more than twenty-five cards you become eligible for a discount of fifteen percent. Large order can receive a discount of up to fifty percent. It just depends on how many people you plan on inviting.

The Rustic Bridal Shower

Usually held within two months of the wedding, a rustic bridal shower is a fun and practical way for the bride-to-be and her friends to catchup before the big day.

The bridal shower also has a practical side. One that allows – even the modern bride – a chance to prepare for the life ahead with gifts for the home. For many woman in the past, this was actually the primary job of the shower. Today, the importance of gifting household items has diminished a little.

As the maid-of-honor you surely realize how much work is involved in planning the party. Don’t be afraid to ask the bridesmaids for a hand even if the birde-to-bes sister has been selected as a bridesmaid.

The etiquette for planning and hosting has relaxed over time, and what would have been a taboo is quite common today.

For example, it was once an unthinkable break in tradition to have a male guest at the shower. Today wedding showers, or couples showers as they are called are very common. You may even be planning a Jack and Jill shower as you read this.

Still there are some tips that might be helpful for you when you’re planning the event.

Helpful Planning Tips

Here are a couple of tips that will ease some of the mystery involved with planning a country bridal shower.

  • Pick a time that fits with your schedule. There are no official rules when a shower can be held, though most showers are hosted in the early afternoon.
  • Registries are an excellent way for the couple to solicit gifts. It can often be hard picking a gift but registries give guests a way to know what the couple wants, this also helps to eliminate double gifting.
  • Small showers are great in the home setting. If it is going to be a large shower you may want to plan on holding the shower at a restaurant. This saves on catering costs and gives the guests access to a wider variety of food choices.
  • Include the bride-to-be. If she isn’t one for surprises, don’t throw a surprise party. This will also reduce some of your planning and work load. It can also be a great way to bond.
  • Party favors are a must. They acts as a small thank you for the guests and the gifts that they brought. These can be as simple a small box of sweets.
  • If the guest isn’t coming to the wedding do not invite them to the shower. This is still taboo and will likely be frowned upon by the guest.